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RAM Logo

We are an aircraft engine overhaul facility and aviation support center located at the Waco Regional Airport (KACT) in Waco, Tx. We specialize in the Continental 520/550 family of engines and the Beechcraft, Cessna & Cirrus aircraft they power. 

Preferred Airparts logo

Preferred Airparts is a leading supplier of aircraft parts for puddle jumpers to jets. 

DFW Aero Mechanix, Inc. Logo

DFW Aero Mechanix, Inc. is a premier maintenance facility located at Addison Airport (ADS). In business since 1992, our core business is maintaining Twin Cessna’s, Citation and King Air. It was a derivative of the 421. 

Flite Electronics Inc. Logo

Count on Flite Electronics Inc. for aircraft avionics services in Addison, TX. Our FAA-certified repair station specializes in the repair and installation of avionics for all types of aircraft, including all models of general aviation aircraft since 1962.

Aircraft Simulator Training logo

Our training goal is to put you in control of any situation that you may encounter. We train so that recovery from that problem will become second nature to you. We train to help you gain the ability to get to a safe landing.

TAS Aviation, Inc. logo

With its new found reputation, TAS began to provide maintenance services to the entire fleet of Twin Cessna aircraft from the 310 to the 421. As time went on Tony and the team at TAS Aviation began to become more and more a staple in the Twin Cessna community. An integral partner of the Twin Cessna Flyer organization since its inception, TAS has worked to increase owner and operator’s knowledge about these legacy aircraft. 

Ocraviation logo

Pacific Air Center Aircraft Sales is your resource for owner flown aircraft. You can buy and sell your aircraft along with receive elite training from our pilots for how to fly your own plane.

Superior Air Parts logo

With FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) for over 2,000 aftermarket replacement parts, Superior Air Parts is the world’s leading manufacturer of FAA approved replacement parts for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines.

J.P. Instruments logo

The leader in aircraft engine data management systems.

Air Craftsmen logo

We started AirCraftsmen because we were frustrated by the poor quality of maintenance available for single and twin engine piston aircraft. Let’s face it, owning and operating airplanes are lifetime dreams for most of us. There is no reason why you should not get the same quality customer service available to turbine and jet powered aircraft. That is why “We’ll Keep Your Dream Flying”.

Recurrent Training Center logo

Recurrent Training Center’s experienced instructors provide you with attentive and informative training to help you become a safer pilot. 

Aircraft Performance Modifications, Inc. logo

Aircraft Performance Modification, Inc. is committed to producing the highest quality products and services designed to promote aviation safety and preserve fuel and resources while respecting pilot/owner time and knowledge.

Micro AreoDynamics Inc logo

Micro Vortex Generators are small aluminum blades placed in a spanwise line aft of the leading edge of the wing and tail surfaces. They control airflow over the upper surface of the wing by creating vortices that energize the boundary layer. This results in improved performance and control authority at low airspeeds and high angles of attack. 

Aviation Fabricators logo

Aviation Fabricators has been providing aircraft parts and timely aircraft upgrades for more than 20 years. 

Dan Moore Areo logo

Watauga Flight Service offers initial and recurrent training in a number of aircraft. We offer training in the Cessna 340, Cessna 414, Cessna 421C, Cessna 425 (Conquest I), Cessna 441 (Conquest II), and Cessna P210. Our training is accepted by the major aviation insurance underwriters and is designed to be convenient for our customers. 

Johnson Aviation logo

To be more visible, Collision Avoidance Lights are an excellent option. Johnson Aviation Products’ CAL lights give you instant recognition to other aircraft and also to the control tower operator. Turn them on anytime so that you can be seen more easily by other aircraft. Upgrade to the Whelen Parmetheus LED bulb to increase light output to 250,000 candle power.

Garmin logo

With the most comprehensive lineup of avionics upgrades in the industry, Garmin offers solutions for most any budget and mission. Our avionics solutions help provide industry-leading capabilities, increase situational awareness and enhance decision-making like never before. 

Luna Technologies LLC logo

Specialized solutions for lighted displays, cockpit controls, and other systems related products for rotary and fixed-winged aircraft.