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systems & Engines Seminar

Explore 20+ hours of content with in depth instruction brought to you by Tony Saxton

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Master your Aircraft

Premium and Elite members now have access to our most popular in-person content: Our new courses feature 20+ hours of focused footage that mirrors our acclaimed in-person seminar. Deepen your understanding of your aircraft by breaking down complex systems and engine components and go in-depth on sophisticated parts that power your plane.

Systems Curriculum

Engines Curriculum

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Watch Wherever. Whenever.

Watch wherever, whenever to cover gaps in your knowledge or review areas of concern before problems arise. Test yourself at the end of each module with a certification quiz. Once completed, you’ll receive a digital certificate identical to the one handed out at our in-person events.

We encourage all members to make this seminar a regular part of their yearly training. Many attendees of the live class have been able to utilize this course for ground school for insurance-approved recurrent training. This online seminar also counts towards our Master Aviation Award requirements.