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2025 Twin Cessna Flyer
Fly-In Convention

March 26 – 30, 2025

The Westin La Paloma Resort
Tucson, Arizona

Ram Aircraft, LP

RAM is an engine overhaul and General Aviation support and airframe upgrade facility focusing on Continental 520/550 engines and the Beechcraft, Cessna & Cirrus aircraft they power. A RAM overhauled engine is built to the RAM standard and can be configured to conform to stock specs or RAM STC requirements. 

Midwest Corporate Air, Inc.

Specializing in providing efficient, effective, safety-driven accelerated training of all levels  to over 600 pilots per year. Our expert flight instructors at Midwest Corporate Air are knowledgeable, passionate, and committed to safety and efficiency in their teaching. 

TAS Aviation, inc.

TAS Aviation strives to provide safe, efficient, and trusted services to fulfill your aviation needs now and into the future by investing in our culture and the development of our employees to provide best in class services.

Aspen Avionics, inc.

Aspen Avionics specializes in bringing the most advanced technology and capability into General Aviation cockpits—and budgets. Our products increase situational awareness and reduce pilot workload, making it even easier and safer to fly in both VFR and IFR conditions.


With the most comprehensive lineup of avionics upgrades in the industry, Garmin offers solutions for most budgets and missions. Our avionics solutions help provide industry-leading capabilities, increase situational awareness and enhance decision-making like never before.


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