What is the best airport to fly into for Dallas Simcom?

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      I have Simcom scheduled in Dallas in early April and want to book my rental car. Which airport/FBO do people use? The last two times I’ve gone it’s been on the airlines.



      Spencer, when we went a couple months ago we flew into ADS. DFW AeroMechanix is there (good Twin Cessna specialty shop) and my friend wanted them to look at a few things on his T310R. It’s not far and worked well. However DFW is the closest airport.


      Dallas has a ton of great GA airports to choose from. I think Grand Prarie (GPM) may be the closest, but I haven’t been there in a long time. Both Grand Prarie and Arlington airports are pretty close and I understand they have been upgraded quite a bit over the last few years due to the new Cowboys stadium.

      I fly out of Addison and think it’s a top rate airport. A touch expensive, but great service a Million Air. As Ted mentioned, DFW AeroMechanix is at Addison is a very knowledgable Twin Cessna shop.



        Having a specialty shop there as a just in case is reason enough for me. Thanks!


        If I were going to pick between Arlington and GPM, I would pick GPM any day of the week. Fuel is cheaper, and as with most of the airports and FBO’s in the metroplex, they know they have to have great customer service to even stay afloat. I will agree about the folks at Aeromechanix, but they are expensive.

        My favorite airport to fly into in the Metroplex is hands down KFTW and TexasJet has the most attentive line staff and CSRs I have ever seen. But, it boils down to which is closest as Dallas area traffic is notoriously horrible.

        Have fun in the metroplex.

      Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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