What do you use for portable tie downs for a 310?

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    What type constitutes a good portable tie down system for our 310Q?

    Some of the popular one like “the Claw” say they are good for 3,600lbs. That doesn’t sound quite good enough with an empty weight of 3,900lbs!

    What do all of you 310 drivers use for tie downs? Do you make your own?

    Details please! Air Venture is coming up fast and I want to be prepared!



    It has been a few years since I camped there with my plane. I recall thinking that the damage was not going to come from MY plane blowing away but other planes blowing through the area.

    I saw a lot of tie down sets that would hold chiwawa or pup tent but not much else.

    I do have a set of the “claw” tie downs and they are easy to install (in dirt) and easy to carry as they fold up and fit in a small bag.. I use them for my tail dragger though, not my Twin Cessna.

    I just heard a big radial engine plane fly over my office, missed what it was. But I am sure they are heading east to OSH.


    I’ll start seeing and hearing planes nearly daily now…. besides the Air Tractors that wake me up every morning and put me to bed every night!


    If you believe their marketing (and the basic logic of more pins in the ground), these seem to be the best:


    I use the claw on my 310Q, but admittedly and thankfully they have never been really put to a true test.

    Other results:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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