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    Closing in on a particular 421C with western skyways overhauls on the engines. wondering if anyone has had experience with these guys. good or bad?? pls feel free to pm me if you would prefer to keep any comments out of the public domain.



    I owned a 320 with their engines( TISO 520E), they were overhauled in the year 2000 and had 500 plus hours on them when I sold the aircraft several years ago. The engines were the RAM I 300 hp versions. I had no issues with the engines during my ownership, the compressions using the master orifice compression gauge were always in the high 60’s to low 70’s and the engines used about one quart in 10 hours. My opinion is that their overhauls are a cut above the average.


    Our local FBO used to run 320’s, 310’s (mine was one), 340’s and Navajo’s on Part 135. They always had good results with Western Skyways overhauls. Lyc 540 and TCM 520’s usually went 200 hrs over TBO with FAA approval. But… That was 5 yrs ago. YMMV.

    I’ll likely go to Western Skyways for overhauls myself.


    Five years ago the engines on our 414A (RAM VII) were overhauled by Western Skyways. For an extra 5K per, the engines were guaranteed for five years or TBO, including cylinders. We are five years out and 1200 hours on the engines and have been very satisfied. We have cracked a single cylinder — we operate very conservatively — but have been through several other engine-related repairs and replacements — all items I would consider normal wear — and in every case Western has stood by its guarantee, paying for removal, replacement, parts, and shipping. The left engine has recently developed some oil leaks, but nothing I would regard as exceptional. The right engine is still tight as a drum. I am not qualified to judge the quality of the overhaul — way too many variables involved — but the engines have been largely trouble-free and I can say that Western has been as good as its word on its warranty.

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    I have confirmed that the western skyways engines were “gold seal” rebuilt to factory new tolerances. That’s straight off the work order. very reassuring.

    thanks for the comments back on this.



    They rebuilt a Lyc 540 for my skylane RG about a year ago. I bought the TBO warranty also as someone previously mentioned. 150 hours squawk free so far. Good luck

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