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    Had a great thanksgiving weekend in Seaside, Fl – took full advantage of the 421’s space and I flew my family of four and my parents to Destin. I wish I took a picture of all the crap we had with us, including the thanksgiving turkey!

    When we drove up to the airplane this morning, I was encouraged to see three Twin Cessnas parked in a row – my son (11 and an airplane but already) correctly identified then as a 421B, 414A, and of course our 421C. Ours is the one on the left.

    It’s funny – in my 210 I had 6 people in the for exactly on trip (and it wasn’t that comfortable). In the couple of years I’ve owned the 421 I’ve had five or six people in it a number of times and everyone’s been quite comfortable. Love the 421!

    My Mom loves being my copilot (hmmm… Apparently we did so me acro in the 421 too, but I don’t remember that! She has gone upside down with me in the T28 though!).




    Sounds like fun! We just had the three of us going to Omaha this weekend with the family (and were the only airplane leaving on the ramp this morning – period). I think we might have you beat on packing density, though! 😉

    What great family planes.



    Where does your family live in Omaha? I went to Omaha Benson High School and then on to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

    Haven’t been back in about 20+ years, and I’m sure a ton has changed!




    I don’t know the town well enough to be able to tell you which section it is. Frances and 35th is the general area if that tells you anything. It’s a nice little family neighborhood. My wife and her brother grew up in the small town of Geneva, which is past LNK a short ways. Population was around 2800 when they were there, down to 2300 now. Actually they lived in an even smaller town nearby – quite the opposite of my upbringing in New York City!


    I do know the areas, Ted, but again, I’m sure Nebraska has changed a lot since I left. However, really nice people and a great place to grow up! And, yes, much different than NY! I lived in Northern Jersey for four years as well. Major contrasts in lifestyles, but both very good!

    Hope you all had a nice Turkey Day!



    Thanks for sharing the pictures!


    Rodolfo, have you picked up your 340? Having it all working and without vibration would be a great Christmas present, but preferably one received early! 🙂


    I left it at Air Impressions for the annual. I am happy I did. They found lot of little things on the “new” engines from RAM to fix. They will call RAM to get fixed.

    Being so far from a good shop, I have to keep the 340 as healthy as possible.

    My son is getting upset we are not flying that much. 25 hours so far on 2013!

    But the good thing about not flying is the colitis went away.


    That’s rather disappointing that the engines are new and there are already problems.

    Other than November, it’s been slow overall for us. Then in November I flew close to 50 hours! December is looking like it will be minimal flying, too. But by the time annual comes around it will have been 130-150 overall for the year – more than I’d figured.

      quote :

      That’s rather disappointing that the engines are new and there are already problems.

      Ted, notwithstanding my recent rant on RAM, I think you might find “these little problems” on recent RAM overhauls as the norm; sometimes they are not little. Maybe that is why their prices are so high.


      Dick, I consider it disappointing regardless of who did the engines.

      This was a lot of why I went with Zephyr on my overhauls. I’ve never heard a bad thing about them (although I’m sure bad things have been said). The engines were flawless at install, and 140 hours later in the first year, they’re still flawless. Change the oil and forget about them.

      Hopefully the annual next month doesn’t turn up any surprises. 😯


      Robert i flew my family down in our 414 also to destin i did see the same pic you took. we were parked at destin jet center in the north west corner by the helicopter. must have just missed eachother i think my plane looked about like yours inside with my crew lol. Nothing like thanksgiving on the beach it was great. Destin jet had a thankgiving dinner so we decided to attend it for free then go back to beach so we didnt cook man my wife was happy 😆


      Sorry I missed you! We’ve always used Miracle (now Regal) and don’t see a need to change, but it’s nice having two good FBOs on the field.

      We were over in Seaside and love that town!

      Our airplanes really are magic carpets. The ability to take all six of us (4 + my parents) was one of the reasons I purchased the 421 – no way we would have put all of us in the 210…


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