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    Im new to the forum. Im having a prepurchase inspection done in Van Nuys California on a 340. My first twin, I currently Own a Piper Lance. Problem is my prepurchase inspection has come to a halt due to the windows requiring qualified inspection and evaluation. It appears to the AME that the paint stripper used to prep the plane for its paint job has damaged the windows. He feels 4 of them will be deemed no good. Aircraft Window Repair no longer does these inspections and Im hoping to help find a qualified person to inspect the windows and deem them airworthy or not, etc. This has my prepurchase inspection on hold until I can inform the vendor of the cost to repair and he decides if he will cover it or not. So, anyone know who I can get to do this special inspection (possably called a prism type) in the California area?


      Any A&P with a prism can do the inspection, but the prism inspection is for cracks emanating from the window mounting screw holes, not from crazing caused by age or paint stripper. Tom’s Aircraft at Long Beach, CA., has a prism, but be aware that Tom’s likes to sell extra services like new windows, main gear retract rods and other very expensive things that may or may not be needed. New front windows will cost about $11K installed as the instrument panel has to be unhooked from everything so as to get at the lower nuts holding the window in place. Also all the overhead panels have to be removed and usually one or two will break due to age. The side windows are less expensive but can be a high labor issue as the side panels have to be removed which is not an easy thing to do and get them replaced correctly and aligned. There can be a two to three month waiting period for new front windows as only one company make them, and they do not keep them in stock. I bought my new front windows last spring so I could install them this month when I return to the Palm Springs area. I don’t look forward to doing the replacements!


      Try Torrance CA. They do a prism and lazer thickness inspection. There are minimum thickness specs in case the window looks really nice because it was over polished. Have seller pay for new windows.

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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