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    Gentlemen: I am interested in suggestions for a tug to move our 340 with. Your thoughts? Thank you.


    I just bought a 340 from a guy down in Dallas Texas and he had a nice little set up to tug his airplane around. It was a golf cart with a tow hitch on the front. He would hook the tow bar to the airplane, drive up and hook it to the cart and off he went. It worked great and I think I’ll copy it.

    Right now I have an old tug made by Aero-Tractor and it works very well as long as there is no snow.


      Power Tow Model 65
      works great!
      Has chains for snow


      You can find some prior opinions here –>

      I have a borrowed yellow Lindberg electric tug but when my buddy wants it back, I will need to buy one. They are $$$ but oh does it work nice.



      Power tow with the lazy susan is the best way to go. Worth every penny….especially if you can buy one gently used.

      We have a small garden tractor as a back up.


      Agree on the Power Tow with Lazy Susan. I have The Supertow II version and it is fantastic.


      Thank you all for the information, i will consider your input.


      I finally got to try my new AC Air Technology T1X on my 340.
      It works great. Put it in the plane and flew it to my hanger.


      I also have a T1X. It’s great to be able to stand at the wingtip (or tail) and move the plane.

      Two complaints:
      1) Needs a brake. If I push it hard against a chock, and then relax the joystick, it rolls back. But then again, I can push it up against a chock while I’m under the plane ready and waiting with the opposite chock.

      2) The treads aren’t *exactly* synchronized at low speeds. Anthony Chan (of AC Air) said I’d get used to it (they’re synchronized at high speed) and I think he’s right, but I wish it had a syncrophaser.

      I really don’t think I could have moved the 340 into such a tight space (2″ at wingtips, about 4″ at nose) on my own without it.

      It’s truly portable. Being able to throw it in the plane will be a huge bonus (it doesn’t quite fit in a wing locker, however.)

      The ability to move the plane while standing at a wingtip is unmatched.


      I have a Redline Sidewinder and reckon it is probably the best value money I have spent in aviation. It copes well pushing my 340 up a slight incline into the hangar, it folds up and is portable. I had one for my bonanza and was initially skeptical that it would cope with a significantly heavier aircraft like the 340, but it manages with ease. Occasionally it will struggle when the wheels are wet, but tightening up the nose tyre clamping pressure usually helps with this. Worth considering…


      An ATV works well… A friend with a welder built the hitch. I liked the AWD Honda’s with electric shift. The clutches were very smooth. The current Polaris, while bigger and heavier, has a belt clutch and takes more “finesse”. Chains for the winter and 4×4 required 🙂

      edit: Just looked thru the older thread. Love the Jeep option!



      I thank you all for your valued input/suggestions/ideas. Going to try an old golf cart we have first. Roger


        I use an electric golf cart with a hitch on the front and a Bracket towbar on a 421C. It moves it very smoothly. The only problem I have had is if you have to move it on snow, the golf cart had difficulty both steering and traction.

        In the past, we put chains on the golf cart to move a Bonanza and it worked fine in the snow. This year I ended up using a Polaris RZR for the winter operations which worked great. In the winter and spring I move the airplane ~1/4 mile to the airports ramp (due to skinny taxiway) and the RZR had no problem.


        quote JMorford1:

        I use an electric golf cart with a hitch on the front and a Bracket towbar on a 421C. It moves it very smoothly.

        +1. That’s my exact rig, too.

        For $1200 I got not only a tug, but also an airport vehicle for getting around!

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