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      I am looking at a C340 in another state. I currently fly a C310 with IO 470 engines that have never been topped and are running great at 2200 hours. At this point I dont have any experience with top overhauls.

      My question is on the C340 520 engines, they are RAM VI engines. One engine had all cylinders completely reworked at 1278 hours and now has 1805 hours on it the other at 488 hours and now has 968 hours on it. The logs and information sent so far are professional, thorough and complete. Based on the care shown in the records and talking with the owner, it sounds like the airplane has been flown with care as well.

      I started out looking for something descent with low time engines but, like what I see in this airplane.

      Any input on what I might be able to expect from these engines going forward would be much appreciated.

      Thank you,


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