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    With my ongoing mission to upgrade my cockpit, I would greatly appreciate any recommendations on a top notch avionics shop here in Southern California. I’d like to find someone reletively close to home so that I can stay in touch with, and visit, them during the conversion process. In addition to obvious things like quality work, honesty, excellent follow-up, being able to do everything from “soup to nuts” I’d, as you can imagine, would like them to be fair on their pricing. Not looking for rock bottom deal; just a fair shake. Thanks.



    My pilot has spoken very highly of Howard Aviation at KPOC.


    May we know where are you at Troy?


    Thanks, Mchien1. I believe that Howard is based out of Brackett, which is very close to me.

    Hey, Rodolfo. I’m out of Chino, but anywhere in the Southern California area would be fine.



    As you noted above, Mchien1. KPOC (Brackett). Thanks.


      Affordable Avionics at Chino is handy for you and they do good work, but sometimes a little late so don’t try and rush them. They just finished a $68K redo on a 303. It took 7 weeks instead of the quoted 5 weeks, but there was a lot of work and JPI messed up twice on shipments. Talk to Deepon.



      Just picked up your message. Thank you!

      I’ve heard similar things about Affordable and, based on the size/cost of this job and what I’ve already learned about them, I don’t think they are the right shop for me. I need a really buttoned up outfit this time around. I’d consider them for smaller stiff (e.g., fix a radio, basic instrument swap-out, systems checks, etc.), but not a nearly full glass panel upgrade and complete attention to detail. It’s a bit unfortunate because they are about 50 yards from my hanger. And, I may be wrong, but I don’t think that they are a Garmin dealer (essential for this project since 80% of the new gear is Garmin).

      However, I’ve finally identified a shop that I hear fantastic things about down in the San Diego area. To this point, they’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with, are incredibly knowledgable, very detail oriented and fair on pricing. So, it looks like I’ll be moving forward with them and I’ll be sure and let everyone know how it turns out (along with their name/contact information). Oh, and photos, of course! If they are as good as advertised, it will hopefully be beneficial to many of our other flying friends out here. Lots of GA pilots in this area and, as we know, more and more aircraft owners have Avionics “on deck” as far as a next key upgrade! The “Watch Shop” cluttered cockpit seems to be going away at a fairly steady pace and, just like a great mechanic, having a “Top Notch” avionics shop will be absolutley critical as GA evolves. The upgrade is slated to start in the middle of next month, and I’m really stoked about finally having a completely state-of-the-art cockpit and situational awareness that I never thought I’d see! 😀 😀 😀

      Anyway, appreciate the suggestion, and I’ll keep you posted.

      Best regards,


    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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