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    I have been noticing an unusual problem with the fuel flow/pressure on my right engine. When i turn off my aux pump (when i reach cruise altitude) the fuel pressure and fuel flow increase. I have verified this on the shadin fuel flow and the factory fuel press guage as well as the EGT readings. When i turn the pump back on, the opposite happens, i.e. fuel press drops, fuel flow decreases, and EGT go down. Any ideas??? Thanks in advance



    Did it just come out of maintaince at all? Try pulling the breaker in each switch position to see if the pump is running etc, may help to trouble shoot.



    That is odd – Andrew had some great suggestions.

    Other ideas – the pump could be failing and impeding flow while operating. Could there be a one way valve that is not working? (aux pump is pushing fuel back into the inlet line)


    I will try the breakers next time it’s runnin. It has not come out of maintainence recently. I will update later as to what we find. Thanks


      Maybe the pump got wired backwards.

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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