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    With regard to my 1965 C310J with 3300 hours TT:

    I received Cessna’s Owner Advisory dated 8/17/2010 that requires the above Service Bulletin be completed within the next 10 hours of service.

    Does anyone have a copy of this Service Bulletin? A few years ago, I was told that the wing spar issues would never affect airframes with less than 5000 hours TT. It looks like this was incorrect or possibly I misunderstood.

    I am beginning to wonder if it is even feasible to continue maintenance on this airplane.

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    thanks for the link, but the resolution is too low to read. Can you get us a higher resolution?



    Im only guessing but is this only for A/C with Electro Mechanical Gear ie 310 340.


      Here is Tony’s take on MEB 10-3

      MEB 10-3 Wing Aux Spars Inspections.

      Compliance: This bulletin is marked by Cessna as “Mandatory” but as we have stated over and over in the US this is not a requirement for any owner or operator. At this point there is NO connection with this
      and any current AD note, so no action would legally be required.

      I’m not sure why Cessna has recently sent advisory letters owners in the last few weeks because this service bulletin has been out since Aug 17, 2010.

      Applicability: The bulletin applies to:
      310 all models, s/n
      340/340A all models, s/n
      320 all models, s/n
      335 all serial numbers
      411 all models, s/n
      414 all s/n (tip tank models only)
      421 all models, s/n (tip tank models only)

      It applies to any aircraft with 3000 hours or more and initially within 10 hr. of the release date. This would make sense to scheduled the inspection at next annual inspection.

      If no cracks are found then no additional inspection is required. If cracks are evident then dependant upon the length and location they must be re-inspected (time is dependant on crack length) or parts replacement.

      Man-hours: The inspection if done during a normal gear service work or annual inspection should take no longer the 3 or 4 hr. If repairs are required man-hours could be significant dependant upon the amount of damage.

      Where to look: The service bulletin gives detailed areas of inspection but this primarily the rear(aft) and forward outboard wall of the main landing gear well with focus on the landing gear trunnion attach bearing block area.

      Type Inspection: Visual with light and mirror.

      History: I have seen sporadic problems in these areas for years and it is more likely to find problems in an aircraft with heavy usage or a history of damage. In the past parts to affect repairs were not available but one good thing about this bulletin is that, while not cheap, Cessna has again made most of the parts in stock.


      I had my 1965 C310 up on jacks and was just finishing the gear rig check and thought I’d have a look before we set it back down…got a copy of MEB10-3 and proceeded to do the inspection..took longer to get the screws with the stripped heads out than it did to do the inspection..the inspection is done by accessing through the 2 inspection holes on the aft bulkhead (spar they call it) and the single one on the’s not an easy place to see as you looking to the inside and then back at the corners with a mirror and flash light…if your like me with old tired eye’s it’s even harder..also there is the inspection around the inspection holes themselves…it would be nice if cessna included pictures or drawings of where in the corners of the web the cracks would radiate it is they just draw a big circle around the entire corner area and say check here…as best as I could see I had no cracks anywhere on my airplane and it has just over 5K total time…the inspection can be done without jacking the aircraft and there is no need to swing the gear..just get some good eye’s, an adjustable inspection mirror and good flash light…


      Thanks for all the info.



      I signed on with cessna to get access to their bulletins. I was surprised that it’s 18 pages long. Well being as I’ve owned a 310 for all of a week & a half, and I’m going through annual #1, I figured it would be good to know. With 6150 hrs TT, but both wings replaced at different times, I am VERY happy to report no cracks in the spars. Hoping you all get the same results!

      jeff carl

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