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      I’m shopping for a new headset. Does anyone have any experience with the Sennheiser S1? I’m considering it or a Bose A20.


      Hey Bob,

      I don’t have experience with any of those but the last two pairs of headsets I’ve bought (for my Dad & Fiancée) were clarity aloft and they love them. Basically, they are in ear and have no weight or pressure and it comes with a music jack to plug in a music player. The only other thing I would recommend is to check out the Halo’s which are similar design but about half the price and appear to be better construction (go figure).


        Thanks Tim. I think the Clarity Alofts work great in the 421 because it is so quiet already. I’m going to need the active noise canceling in my 303. I think what I’ll do is order both a Sennheiser and a Bose and test them side by side, returning the one I don’t choose. I’ll give a full report.



        Don’t overlook the Zulu 2 either. I have the Bose A20 and Zulu 2, and I guess I prefer the Zulu because the Bose units ride in the back.

        My AME once told me to “price out a good set of hearing aids” and then “don’t be cheap, buy the best headset technology available” I have followed his advice for years now. I am also a sucker to for good marketing and end up buying upgrades from what I already have; I have the Zulu 1 and Bose A10 too.

        I probably use the Zulu as the default because it fits best and is the most comfortable. To be honest, I am not able to tell the difference in the performance.



          Thanks Jim. I’ll add the Zulu to my list.


          FWIW, Bob, I traded a pair of Bose X for the earlier Lightspeed Zulus. Love the bluetooth for the cellphone and the aux input for iPad/iPod/e-reader tunes is nice. For me, the LS earpieces are more comfortable, too.


          I’ll add my $0.02:

          I had an older Lightspeed. Loved it better than the Bose A10. Traded up to the Zulu, and love it too.
          For me, the earpieces are more comfortable than the Bose too.
          And as Rich said, the blue tooth/aux input is great for ipod or cell phone. It is really nice to call for a clearance on your cell phone from the run up area from an uncontrolled field.


          I too prefer the Zulus for fit, however as a taller pilot i found they sit a little high on my head in the 340 and the headband part would rub the ceiling soI have reverted to the A20’s. My wife loves the zulus in the back. I did get my seat re-upholstered to be thinner so was going to try the zulus again up front but i cant get her to give them back!

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