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    As a new Cessna 310 owner, who has just installed a 3 panel Aspen navigation suite, I was shocked to learn the number of subscriptions needed to fly the aircraft.

    Specifically, it turns out that Jeppesen only provides enroute navigation chart data ($425/yr), and you have to buy the approach plate data from Seattle Avionics under a separate subscription ($299/yr).

    Combine that with the XM weather data ($600/yr), Garmin GNS430W updates ($350/yr) AND my WingX Pro iPad updates with Geo-reference ($175/yr), and all that adds up to significant dollars.

    My purpose in posting this thread is to make prospective owners aware of the different vendors involved in owning this equipment and the costs associated with them.



    Good points, Butch. The subscriptions can add up quickly to a very significant chunk of change.

    We have the 430W/530W and ForeFlight. I’d not be as interested in putting the charts on the Aspen if we add a second, but I will want SV.


    Isn’t that fun? Not.
    My G600/530/430 Nav and Charts Full USA with Low and Hi Enroutes, XM Aviator weather and music gave me a $2350 pain in my wallet just yesterday.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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