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    Have any of you dealt with them or heard good, bad or ugly of them? SRQ will be a regular destination for me, so it would good for fixes and upgrades.


      A friend of mine had a GPS (430), navcom, and audio panel installed in his 182 by Sarasota Avionics. I went along to pick it up. To make a long story short, they left the original Cessna audio panel behind the panel with tie-wraps ( not secured, dangling) and didn’t install the cooling duct from the existing avionics cooling fan to the 430 or transponder. We discovered all of this after the 430’s display failed on the return flight home due to overheat.

      Any shop can make a mistake, however, the reaction to those mistakes is what I judge a shop by. Their response was not credible (430s don’t need cooling and the Cessna audio panel needs to be there because of a relay). Ultimately they corrected the problems but I don’t understand how a top-end shop like this would ever have done work like this in the first place and how it ever got by their manager / QA inspection. Caveat emptor



      Yesterday I gave them my info to work a quote out to upgrade my ancient panel to the 750 suite on my 414. So far they seem to work well with what I have and my budget constraints. Hopefully there are no problems in the installation phase.


      They are apparently involved in more than just avionics. I was told they would be the ones coming to NC to conduct the prepurchase inspection and acceptance of a Piper 6X I brokered. So I guess I’ll see first hand real soon how they are with that.


    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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