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    This weekend will be our first long cross country in my 340, WI to Ft Myers, FL.

    Asking those who’ve flown similar routes, what has ATC expected, requested or re-routed you when:
    A) over or around ORD say at 19-21k, in the past, down low I’ve always used Kelsi intersection
    B) over or around ATL at 19 or 21k
    C) descending out of those altitudes near Ft Myers

    I’ve done the trip many times down low and have never been issued a STAR, but have repeatedly been re-routed to now know their preferred route below 10k, just wondering about higher.



    I would just file KELSI – DIRECT to where you are stopping for gas. Then DIRECT to SZW and the RNAV STAR. I have found that at these altitudes there is not much traffic and careful planning on my part is usually erased with a DIRECT clearance anyway.


    Thanks Jim. That was my tentative routing. Kelsi isn’t out of my way to Mcminnville, TN KRNC. They always have cheap fuel and give me a quick turn around. SZW then gives me a lead in for the TYNEE1 (sp?) arrival.


    Hi Jim.

    I’ve made the trip from central Iowa to Naples and back quit a few times in my 414. Being based KAPF, I’m pretty familiar with the routings. If you can get high enough after leaving KRNC, you will probably just be able to over-fly KATL. I’ve gotten slightly vectored west, but nothing too bad. As far as the arrival is concerned, I’d file OCF-LAL-V512-QUNCY-KFMY. You will either get that or after LAL, Miami Center will have go to PGD- KFMY. If they give you the PGD route, most times you they will give you discression to 7000 15 miles north of PGD. Your initial decent will probably be around LAL. I don’t think the TYNEE ONE will work as it’s for turboprop/turbojet only. Hope this helps. Safe travels, should have great weather waiting for ya!



    I travel from KMSN to KFMY. Chicago center will not route you over KELSI if above one-four thousand. The non-turbojet arrival is direct TAY (Taylor) TEPEE.JOSFF4 That is a five hour trip from Madison.

    Enjoy the flight! :mrgreen:


    Perfect! Thanks guys. I noticed most of the arrivals were noted turbo prop only and have done the V512/Quincy route many times, but had no idea about the altitude restrictions at Kelsi.

    Another reason that this group is so great!


    I think you can get over the Chicago airspace at 17K, or FL190. That might give you a little better route after you get out of there I would go direct TAY, OCF, LAL. Just did a similar route in a Meridian. You might be able to go from FLD to GIJ and then direct. Hope you have some nice NW winds to push you to FL. Enjoy your flight.


      I just flew roundtrip from Chicago to KAPF last weekend and flew directly over ATL both times, FL200 and FL210. No idea if this is common. I was given the ZEILR3 arrival into KAPF


      I fly to south Florida (FXE) every month. 90% of the time it is blue sky all of the way. Most of the time I fly VFR at 17500 with flight following just so I can fly direct. Since I fly out of Atlanta, PDK, I am always being vectored all over the place. Also, when IFR, I’ve been vectored 20 mile over the ocean to keep me out of the ORL arrivals. My point is, when flying through Florida it can be a pain when your IFR.


      CWA direct to RNC at FL190
      RNC direct to PIE to join the JOSFF4 into RWS, also at FL190

      Worked perfectly.
      No routing changes

      First long flight with the 340.
      Everything worked.
      Learned where my Aux tanks run dry by time and on the gauges.
      Learned the power settings and fuel flows that my airplane really likes.
      Pressurization is rock solid.
      Live is good!


      Good to hear! You’ll find, at the altitudes we fly these planes, you can get direct quit often. Whenever I fly back to Iowa, as soon as I get passed LAL, I usually get cleared direct to my first stop, KMQY. From there I just file direct to destination, KEBS, I’ve got it every time. It’s pretty sweet! Enjoy your time in Florida!


      That looks pretty darn close to direct. Excellent!

      Keep in mind that the time it will take to drain the aux tanks will vary depending on your RPM since the mechanical fuel pump will flow more fuel if RPMs are higher. I have a scheduler function in the 530 set for the time at 2500 RPM, at 2300 RPM I can go longer.

      Glad you had a good trip. Enjoy Florida!


      Good point. I’ve watched plenty of Jerry Temple’s videos for airplane’s he’s representing and his comment about checking the Aux usage both by the clock and by the gauges stuck in my head. When nearly empty, the gauges are pretty accurate on the Auxs, so between time, power settings, and gauge indications, I’ll have a good indication when to switch back to the mains.

      I also notice that when I switch to the Aux, my right side fuel flows go up slightly. Could be additional pressure from the aux tank pump I suppose. I’ll check the logs to see if it might have been changed recently.


      I’ve noticed minor fuel flow differences between aux and mains as well, which I attributed to slightly different resistances in the lines and valves. It seems the Continental fuel systems are more prone to that than the Lycoming, which only ever seem to care if there’s fuel or not.

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