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      I have an issue and am out of ideas. Applying power on take-off, the RPM on the left engine lags the right but will eventually catch up. On landing, going to high RPM on short final, the RPM on the left engine will not come up all the way to match the right engine. It will be 200 – 300 RPM low and will not come up until more power is reduced coming over the fence. In flight and all other flight regimes, there are no issues and all works as it is supposed to.

      The prop governor was removed and bench tested and it checked out. The prop was OH’d with no effect. I have seen a similar issue with fuel flow, but the fuel flow set-up has been done per the SB.

      Ideas appreciated.


      What sort of propellers are these? How long since overhaul? Makes me think that the blades are sticking and not wanting to go to fine pitch.


        The props are Hartzells. This prop was overhauled last year during annual.


        Just a question–the props are obviously out of sync right? Just want to make sure it is not a lagging tach generator. Todd


        Check your tach next. Your shop should have a simple handheld optical tachometer to verify the readings.


          It could also be low oil pressure or leaking crankshaft collar.

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        Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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