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    What would be the cause of the propeller feathering on shutdown when the prop control is in the high rpm position?


    I believe there are some pins that slide into place and hold the prob from going into feather at low rpm. Sounds like yours are not working. no idea on how much effort to fix.


    No pressure or too little in the accumulator….check and re-pressurize. Start again and shut down….should be normal…had this problem last year…just after annual.


    I had the same problem. I took mine to Maxwell Prop at Crystal (MCI). They were able to fix the prop on the plane in about
    3 Hrs. It is the locks that hold from going into feather. The cost was under $500.

    Jim McCabe


    Sorry for the ubber-late response on this one. If they happen to be the newer style Hartzell propellers, the nitrogen charge in the cylinder in the hub has model-specific PSI. Hartzell suggests the propeller air charge be reduced to the lowest PSI value IAW with Manual 115N rev. 16 table 6-6 for the Cessna 310B for instance. NOTE: The air charge value is dependent on the ambient temperature.

    Too much nitrogen in the cylinder will change the engagement of the locks in the hub and make them disengage earlier.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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