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      Is there some common problems with 303s that show up in the first 3000 hours or so? Has any 303 owners seen smoking rivets on the spars or nacelles?

      Also I need the part number for the left rear lower engine mount casting on the left engine as the alternator was evidently loose and wore an elongated hole in the alternator and the engine mount casting. Also I need the part number for the 7/16″ long alternator mounting bolt and the part number for the odd looking 90 degree bracket that holds the plastic grounding lug for the alternator and is mounted on the forward side of the alternator bracket.

      Thanks for the help.
      dick Welsh


        I will look in the parts manual when I go to the hangar tomorrow and see what I can find out for you on the part numbers…You might be able to have a machine shop install bronze bushings in that engine/alternator mount…

        You can still buy the full set of maintenance and parts manuals from Cessna, it’s about $1,350 for everything, parts, maintenance, avionics, air-conditioning, CAP manuals, updates and all…I got em and it has saved us a lot of time and expense….

        As far as smoking rivets, well, I think all of these 30 plus year old airplanes have some here or there…We had some loose on the bottom of the nacelle but, they were non structural and we replaced them with cherry-max because, this was probably the only area you coudn’t buck them otherwise…We found some after we applied CorrosionX to the entire airframe(I’m in Florida along the coast), needless to say, they were’nt loose, just not watertight as the CorrosionX would bleed through them and the seams and access panels and just about anywhere that wasn’t water tight…I have not seen any smoking rivets on any Spar but, there is pretty good access through the wings and the rest of the airframe if you need to buck some new rivets. I would have an expert sheet metal A&P do this work and not just any A&P or I&A (IMHO)….

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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