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    Asking those of you who have had their Twin Cessna painted, what prep work did you do before delivering it to the paint shop?

    Did you fix/check/adjust the fit and finish of your cowls, baggage doors, cabin doors, gear doors, inspection panels, ect? Or did you leave it to the shop to do after the airplane was stripped?

    Did you have the paint shop remove all weather stripping and seal materials from openings so those areas could be stripped and painted, then did you have new seals/weather stripping installed?

    What about new fasteners? Did you opt for all new stainless steel fasteners, including new cam locks? If not, how do you keep from chipping paint and scratching painted fasteners on your pretty bird?

    Did you obtain and then provide any parts or materials to the shop in order to avoid delays or ordering/install mistakes?

    What did you do for exterior placards? Vinyl? Silk Screen? Then, did you have them clear coat the airplane or specific areas?

    Before talking to paint shops, I’d like the groups thoughts, ideas, and experiences in order to be able to set a time line, create a to-do list, and properly prep my 340 for a good paint job. I figure the more I can do before it goes into the shop, the less they will have to do and the faster I’ll get my bird back.



    I had the paint shop do everything, that is probably why it took so long. They replace all the screws with SS as a SOP, but not the nacelle fasteners. I paid extra for SS to replace my ugly legacy ones. It did not seem all that much extra on a per screw basis, but there are a lot of them and the $ adds up.

    On the placards, I don’t know what they are. But they are not printed on vinyl and stuck on. You can see them in the pic for the fuel tanks fillers. (black letters on the white) The others are done similar except for the one up on the vertical stab for the light, that one looks like it is printed on vinyl. I had never thought or talked to them about this, but I really liked how they did it.

    Paint the tips dark and the intersection of the tip tank to wing dark too. It is easy to see at night with the ice light. I took the pic this morning but you can see what I am talking about.

    Good luck on your planning.




    Thanks Jim,
    I’ve been slowly replacing the cam loc fasteners on my cowls, I should have them all replaced by the time I’m ready to have the plane painted in a year or two!

    I’m sure a lot of my questions can be answered by the paint shops, but I’d rather get straight answers from those who’ve been through the process.

    Thanks again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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