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    Will any plugs fit in the Cessna 340 factory ports? If not where can I get cannulas or masks?


    I’ve been happy with Oxysaver cannulas, valves and flow meters from Aerox. I suggest you give ’em a call.



    I second that. We use them quite a bit, although the cannulas are technically not approved for FL180+. They do a great job and do work as advertised.


    I agree totally with the above….use this setup almost every flight. My wife hates the nasal cannulas but the speeds that are avail up there make it worth it… cs


    I appreciate the responses. I got masks from aerox approved to 25K for the pilot and copilot. They are only for us to use in case of depressurization. $550 a piece in case anybody needs to know.

    quote ZARMSTRONG:

    …although the cannulas are technically not approved for FL180+…

    Yeah, I know, totally off topic, but…

    The above isn’t correct. The widely misinterpreted FAR about cannulas only applies to installed 02 systems in FAR 23 certificated airplane (we’re CAR 3).

    The only place where cannulas are mentioned is in FAR 23.1447. Note again, we don’t fly FAR 23 airplanes…



    Thanks for the info. They just had the FL180 info on the paperwork we got with the cannulas, but that was a great clarification.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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