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    Anybody planning on Oshkosh this year ? I went last year for the first time and loved it. We did the north 40 camping thing and had a blast. I also got to meet Bob and Tony at one of the forums. I’m hoping they will be there again this year. We are again going to camp somewhere in camping land. If you think you might be there we need to see if we can set up a meeting place for everybody on a day that would be best for the majority. It would be great to meet some of the “Gang”.


      We are going to stay at Waupaca, Wisconsin, about 29 miles NW. Very inexpensive motels as it is off the beaten track. Also the car rental was very reasonable. The FBO is promoting keeping the motel and car rates reasonable to attract more Oshkosh travelers. I am too old for camping anymore besides the frequent trips to the loo at night. I believe our three rooms cost a total of $205 a night and the car rental was $44.


      I live close enough to drive back and forth. My wife volunteers for part of the week as an “airplane greeter” parking planes, handing out maps, and reminding pilots to fill out their fuel requests.

      My decision on which days to attend will be made after the forums schedule is posted so I can catch Bob and Tony and any other interesting twin Cessna type forums.

      Let’s try to keep an on going topic open and if anybody needs anything before, during, and after, I’d be glad to do what I can to help. We often have an extra vehicle strategically located at OSH that I’d be happy to let members borrow if needed. I’m close to Waupaca, Wautoma, and Stevens Point, and airline service at Mosinee, Central Wisconsin Airport, KCWA.

      For those who have not participated, one of the very best times and best views a visitor can have is sitting along the south edge of 9/27 in the North 40 watching arrivals and departures.


        I will be driving as well dates TBD.

        Are twin cessnas usually parked in a group? I’ve always driven and never walked around GA parking. Would be fun to chat with people.


        When they can, they try to park twins (all kinds) in the N40 in rows by themselves. Those not wanting to be parked in the grass park on the North ramp either by Bassler or the Hilton. As mixed traffic comes in, they don’t reserve parking spots for particular groups unless pre-arranged. They have been trying to accommodate people camping with friends so if you put a sign in your window saying “N40 GA Camping, with friends, Row XXX” they will try to help, but no promises.


        I’ll be there camping with my normal group (most of whom you’d likely recognize if you visit a post office and look at the wanted posters on the wall).

        Not sure what my schedule will be this year, and it might be a short trip – we’ll see.

        Our group is always accommodating to fellow pilots, especially if you bring over a 6 pack of Spotted Cow. We often have a happy hour and dinner as well, so feel free to come by. Look for the professional tent and pirate flag.

        Bob came by for one of our parties last year and can vouch what we know how to have fun!



        Do you set up camp in the N40 or on the north ramp?


          Robert, if our schedules match I will definitely bring some spotted cow and other local beers.


          In past years I would park my Baron in the North 40 with no thoughts about the terrain. However, I’m new to my Chancellor and not as confident in the landing gear. Is there any reason for concern on “off-roading” a Twin Cessna? Sometimes that ground is pretty rough.


          Plan on it raining. Plan on the N40 being soft at least part of the time. Bring wooden planks or boards to put under your tires or, depending on how soft it is when you leave, you might not be able to move, even under full power.


          My wife and I will be at Osh Kosh this year, we volunteer at the Airline Hangar tent part time.

          Although we won’t be flying the 310 up this year, we will be at the Twin Cessna forum.

          Bob and Tony always put on a great forum.



          We will be there from July 27 to August 2. Staying at Appleton.

          My son wants we fly the 340, he met an argentinan girl last year, but I am not brave enough to do the communications at arrival.

          Oshkosh is the best week in a pilots life. Even my wife loves it!

          I hope to see you there.


          Hey Butch……I went to the airline tent last year a stuck my name on the Continental Board. We usually arrive on Sun afternoon and plan on staying til at least Thur. I want to see the Wed night airshow. I plan on attending the forums that Bob and Tony put on. Hopefully we can get together and do some hanger flying.

          Hey Rudolfo…..you have to fly in !!! It is really fun and not nearly as scary as you would think. You don’t have to talk anyway……you just rock your wings to acknowledge a call. The Airventure notams help a lot. Camping was a blast. Lots of people to visit with and thousands and thousands of airplanes to look at !

          Anyone who wants to camp in the north 40, I brought 3 pieces of 3/4″ plywood about a foot and a half square to park on. It kept me from sinking into the ground. When we left it was very easy to roll the plane forward for engine start and we just left the planks there for the next plane. Tie downs are a must. The Airventure website has some great info for those.

          Robert….I met some of your “Post Office” friends !!!! They weren’t that bad 🙂

          I also would like to arrive as a group….maybe we should look into that. There was a whole bunch of Barons parked together last year. I ended up parked next to them at the end of runway 9. Great place for an all day airshow !!

          quote RENRIQUEZ:

          We will be there from July 27 to August 2. Staying at Appleton.

          My son wants we fly the 340, he met an argentinan girl last year, but I am not brave enough to do the communications at arrival.

          Oshkosh is the best week in a pilots life. Even my wife loves it!

          I hope to see you there.

          Rodolfo, I’d encourage you to do it. If you’re not confident, get one of us to go with you to help. Just remember, don’t go slower than you’re comfortable with. If you’re uncomfortable, break off and rejoin. It happens sometimes. Alternately, park at the next airport or two over.

          If you wanted, I could probably be talked into flying in with you, even though I’m not planning on going this year.


          Thank you Ted and Jack. I have to plan and keep you in mind.

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