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    On the way to the TCF seminar on May 16 at around 2:40pm local I was on a IFR from CYXH (Medicine Hat, AB) to KFAR (Fargo, ND) at FL210, I had a request to climb to FL220 for traffic. I accept and climb up to FL220 and they call out traffic to both of us, the other is “Omaha 8”. I get a visual on the traffic and it looks kinda like an Epic turbo-prop with longer wings and no windows. He’s at FL210 – various headings. I asked ATC what type and they say unknown.
    I assume that this is some type on unmanned, anyone have any thoughts.
    Here’s the FlightAware, timing is when I climb from 210 to 220.


    I believe “Omaha” callsign is US Customs and Border Patrol Office of Air and Marine (OAM thus Omaha?). Not sure what the aircraft type for Omaha8 is. Did it look like this 🙂


    That’s likely it, but I don’t recall seeing the V-tail but maybe I was too far away.
    Guess that I checked all the right boxes with E-apis and flight plan as he went away!


    They are flying all over North America.
    One day at sunset, not long ago, flying from McAllen, Texas to Leon, Mexico close to Monterrey which is about 100 miles south of the border I heard this:
    ‘Monterrey center, Aeromexico X, Did we have a close traffic?’
    After a long silence: ‘Aeromexico X, Monterrey center, no you did not have traffic’
    ‘OK, but we just saw an airplane which tail almost hit us, unable to say type’

    Easy to know what was happening there.

    1978 C340A RAM VII

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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