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    Hi, I have a 1969 T310-P. The factory oxygen bottle has been leaking over the last couple of months. I can open the side access panel and reach my hand in and feel the o2 shooting out of the top of the bottle… this only happens when the unit “master” valve is open. With the master valve open, The leak will release all of the o2 (without any valves open in the plane) in about 2 hours.

    I was told by someone that this is probably the regulator valve, and nothing that can be helped with a wrench or anything for that matter, short of sending the whole talk to an o2 specialist.

    I’m wondering if anyone has experience with such leaks, and perhaps other less drastic remedies?

    Also, I am considering replacing the ships tank with larger tank… Does anyone happen to know the tank that was standard in this aircraft? I am away from home and don’t have access to my AC logs / full POH.


    Graham Street
    Atlanta, Ga

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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