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    Does anyone know if the Cessna seal p/n 9524218 at $120ea. can be replaced by
    Cleveland p/n 154-03000 at $40ea. Thanks Joe


      Joe, that depends on what nose wheel you have. Cessna put McCauley wheels on the plane. The McCauley wheels are a three piece wheel with six Allen Head threaded bolts on each side. Cleveland wheels have six 5/16th thru bolts and a two piece wheel. The McCauley wheels should be changed as the threads can pull out of the center wheel part with bad results.

      So to answer your question–you need to know which wheel you have. A Cleveland seal will not fit a McCauley wheel.


      I checked nose wheel and it is a GOODYEAR wheel. The plot thickens. Thanks Joe


      OK. There is a confusion here. The wheel is the metal part (rim). The tire is the rubber part. At first, I always got confused too because I learned that wheel was the rubber part and rim was the metal part.



      The Wheel is made by Goodyear.Cessna P/N 9532186. It is two piece with three
      Hex head bolts holding the half’s together.


        You have me here as I have never seen or heard of a Goodyear wheel in the past 30 years. Goodyear has made airliner wheels continually, and they used to make wheels for very early planes in the 40s and 50s which along with their brakes were an abomination. I can’t help you at all with a Goodyear wheel seal issue.


        I am sorry Gleason. I was confused about this wheel talk. You better call Tony Saxton and explain the situation.


      Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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