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    Although not finished yet, I thought I would post some pictures of our new (to us) C-310F old panel and new panel pictures. American Aviation in Brooksville, FL is doing the install. I can’t say enough good things about them, they are real pros.

    We went with a 3 Panel Aspen display, STEC-50 Autopilot, Standby ADI, and JPI EDM 760. Left panel is chocked full. Aspens are connected to GNS 430W and a GNS 420 (eventually to be replaced with another GNS 430W, when we can afford it). Also upgraded the GTX-330 to Extended Squitter.

    Hope to be flying in 7-10 days.




    Looks very nice! The Aspen is a great setup, we have one and like it. Did you get Synthetic Vision? I used it in my friend’s T310R for the first time last weekend – he has a single Aspen. I found with the single Aspen it was less useful, but we are considering adding a second one at some point in the future (our panel is well set up for the upgrade) and I think we will probably add SV then.


    I can’t expand the photos, but the new panel looks great, Butch. Congratulations!

    As you may have previously read, my 310P is in the avionics shop right now (going on about two months). I’m putting in the G500 with SVT, GTN 750, S-Tec 55x with Auto Trim/Altitude Pre-Select, the remote Audio Panel and Transponder, all new Powder Coated Panels, as well as top to bottom/left to right “Full Makeover”. I already have the JPI 760, but I’m adding Fuel Flow. As you can imagine, MAJOR SURGERY but it should look great when done.

    From a feedback perspective, I did have the single Aspen PFD and absolutely loved it! I think you will too! Furthermore, I have nothing but outstanding things to say about Aspen. Excellent company and products! And, at the end of the day, it’s certainly painful on the wallet, but it will hopefully pay off for both of us in terms of greatly enhanced situational awareness and safety!

    Also, FYI, there is a very nice write-up in this month’s AOPA magazine about the G500. But, of course, the Aspen provides many of the same wonderful features (especially the Evolution 2500), and I’m sure your set-up was a bit less expensive than mine! So, good for you! πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, enjoy, and I’ll also plan on posting some photos of my work as soon as able. ETA is another 2-4 weeks.

    Troy Talarico



    No on the SVT, IMHO SVT on the Aspen doesn’t display very well. Also, the vast majority of our flying is in Florida and the southeast, predominantly flat land which I think reduces the value of SVT. The $3,000 SVT can be allocated elsewhere.

    We had originally planned on only installing a dual Aspen panel, which would require retaining the analog instruments. With a smaller panel, I think the third panel maximizes available panel space.



    You were better to go with three panels vs. two, Butch. I think you’ll appreciate that in time.



    Thanks for the feedback Troy, I’ll be anxious to see your airplane when it’s completed, and to hear your opinion of the G-500.

    I had an Aspen 1000 Pro in my Mooney and liked the more compact display with limited panel real estate it offers.

    I hope to be flying by the end of the week, I’ll keep you posted on the new toys.



    To All:

    More pictures, to include the new interior, I hope to pick up the airplane, Friday, Sept 27, 2013.




    Very, very nice, Butch! Really well done! Enjoy, my friend.


    Looks beautiful! I’m sure you’ll enjoy. The triple Aspen just looks so cool.

    Troy, what did you end up doing with your old Aspen?


    Is there such a thing as “Panel” envy ? πŸ™

    quote JHarlow1:

    Is there such a thing as “Panel” envy ? πŸ™

    Yes, and I’ve found I’ve suffered from it repeatedly on here. And this is with an Aspen/530W/430W!


    I have neither….just an Apollo GX 50. That’ it……..and my old(er) eyes can barely see the itty bitty screen…… : 😯



    I got a great trade-in price as part of my overall upgrade deal (but very sad to see it go). The shop I’m working with has been outstanding so far, and I can’t wait to get the ship back! As I told Butch, I really loved my Aspen unit, and I hope that the G500 meets expectations! But, in all honesty, I know that I would have been very happy with an Evolution 2500 suite as well, so I’m very confident that Butch is going to love his!

    As promised, I’ll post photos and more details for everyone as soon as I’m able. Hopefully, no more than 2 weeks!


    quote JHarlow1:

    I have neither….just an Apollo GX 50. That’ it……..and my old(er) eyes can barely see the itty bitty screen…… : 😯

    Sounds like someone’s got an avionics shop visit in his future. πŸ˜‰

    My eyes aren’t old, and even I never liked the small print on the KLN90B, GX50, etc.


    New panel with power on, now all I have to do is figure out is which knob to turn when!


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