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    Well, looks like I’m flying 14 cats from NJ to Seattle in the middle of November. Any recommendations for places to stop on the way? We’re not doing the tourist thing (at least not westbound), so more looking for a good overnight location in the middle of the country (good services, friendly Twin Cessna owners, etc. :)) and good fuel stops (similar).


    Check email. If you need to stop in WI, let me know.


    Thanks, Jim. Was about to type up a reply!


    Looks like you have not landed in Oregon yet! You are welcome to stop by KHIO for a visit. Are you going to do fuel stops only, or overnight as well along the way?



    I flew my 340 to Jackson Hole last summer and had good fuel stops in Racine, Wisconsin and York, Nebraska. We like small towns and cheap gas.


    Eric, I’ve never been to Portland, but an excuse to add Oregon to the list on the way back might not be a bad idea! Will definitely be adding at least Montana to the list, and maybe also South Dakota. Last time I added a new state to the map was 2 years ago. Of course, I’m running out…

    There will be an overnight probably somewhere in North Dakota or eastern Montana. Given the length of the trip (2000ish nm), the fact that there will probably be headwinds, and the fact that I have no desire to fly over those big rocks at night in a naturally aspirated 310, a stop in mandated unless we did an redeye flight to put the night hours over the eastern half of the country. Flown those before, don’t really want to this trip. Then an overnight somewhere roughly in the Seattle area, and then back to Ohio in one day. I have no problems with flying at night once I get east of Denver.

    We like small airports and cheap fuel, too, so that will be the preference. What I also want to have in my back pocket is a list of airports that I don’t have to worry about being plowed the day after the snowstorm (when all is sunny and beautiful). Also, it would be fun to get to meet some TTCF members on the trip (especially the dead head leg) if the opportunity exists.


    I-80 route across WY, V-6 Medicine Bow to Ft. Bridger, Evanston, WY, good fuel price and good places to overnight. 10,000′ IFR min altitude. Heated FBO hangar on me. Not bad from here to Boise!



    If St Louis isn’t too far…. We’d love to have you stop in the gateway city at KSUS.

    Glenn Turner


    There are four great aviation museums in the Pacific NW that you might want to check out:

    Museum of Flight
    Boeing Field, Seattle, WA
    Has the Space Shuttle training mockup, Concorde, Air Force One, and really nice WWI & WWII exhibits.

    Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum
    Mc Manville, OR

    Home of the Spruce Goose. Bring a swimsuit and try the indoor water park with slides that start in a 747 sitting atop the building. The FBO will call for a shuttle to drive you across the street to the museum.

    Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum
    Hood River, OR

    Flying Heritage Collection
    Everett, WA
    Extra interesting when they fly the warbirds.


    Great suggestions, keep them coming!

    Going out is more of a northern route. From GTF looks like V120-V2 will probably keep me low enough overall. Only a small section with MEAs above 10k.

    On the way home since I’ll be empty, I may take a more southerly route to stop in on some folks. Would love to have an opportunity to meet Rich, Glenn, Eric, and I’ve also got friends in Jackson Hole, Ft. Collins, etc. who would be fun to see.


      Ted, you need a 340 or 414 so the animals can fly in pressurized comfort. A 421 would be too much luxury.


      Dick, we always accept donations. 😉


      Ted’s on his way home today. Stopped for lunch here and beat the weather … Safe flight, Ted, good to meet you!


      Ted, I see, on flightaware, you landed at home 22 min ago. Great! Best to you and yours! Thanks for taking care of the critters!


      Good meeting you as well, Rich! We’ll have to get together again sometime.

      Rest of the trip was uneventful. I’ll post about my “event” after I call the folks in Texas.

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