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    Here are some updated, and clearer, photos of the new cockpit in my 310. In route from Chino, CA to Las Vegas, NV (Henderson) this past Thursday.



    You loving it? So clean. Auracle next?


    Absolutely, Mark! But, as you clearly pointed out, it’s a whole new learning experience that takes a lot of practice and getting used to (in nice, clear VFR weather). But, I love having this type of equipment, and I’m going up with the owner of the avionics shop again tomorrow. Garrett has been a HUGE help! It’s definitely coming along but, as they say, “you eat an elephant one bit at a time”, and this is a pretty big elephant!

    Yes. I would really like to add the Auracle or JPI next, but I’ve gotta rebound from this “little” expense first. 😯

    Hope you’re enjoying all of your upgrades as well, My friend!


    Make sure you pull the GDU CB and do some unusual attitudes and approaches with those slick, smaller, reorganized steam gauges. Note the CWS on the 55X is your friend when the GDU goes away.


    Good points, Mark. Still getting used to the CWS.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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