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      I must say I am VERY disappointed with the new format.
      It is clunky at BEST
      Maybe I do not know how to get posts the I HAVE NOT READ to come up easily
      It is slow
      Can not do any normal things in creating messages like underline bold, etc
      It is a step BACKWARDS
      I will not be using it


        Yeah…slow and not user friendly that is for sure…


          I have already sent my opinion on the new website, but even that wasn’t enough. The more I try to navigate it, the worse I find out that it is. Did anyone even try this thing out before it was released? If this was an airplane that was released after annual, you would be talking to the FAA about why you shouldn’t lose your license. Besides being obscenely slow, the resolution of the font is so small on certain pages that it is almost unreadable. And before you tell me that it’s my computer – I didn’t have this issue on the old website. Since I do not own a twin Cessna, I belonged because I wanted to keep up with the latest news, maintenance issues, etc., in the hope of buying a decent twin Cessna in the future. This poor excuse for a website has me reconsidering my membership, which is paid through March 2024. Whoever was in charge of this project absolutely, positively failed in the most spectacular manner.


            I was trying to be kind BUT the board truly sucks and is virtually UN-USEABLE !!
            Why would a company spend money to change something that was not broken and sell it as NEW AMD IMPROVED
            Tone deaf may be the answer
            Or believing your own publicity might be another
            This truly weakens the brand and may make people consider if they should renew their membership
            Truly sad !!


              I asked them to switch to a standard forums website. and are the standard they should meet. I agree, this is awful and not really sure why it was selected. I sure hope it wasn’t build from scratch as there are dozens of freeware forum code available.


                It’s very slow.

                Where did the private messaging system go?


                  Where the search feature…


                    I am not impressed with any part of it, including the small print.


                      Christian WHY DID YOU CHANGE FORUMS ?
                      What is the expected benefit ?

                      Christian Pancake


                        Apologies on my delay in responding on this thread. I appreciate the thoughts and feedback on the forums and the new website, be assured we are monitoring this and using it as a guide to what we need to do first. I want to start by saying, our intent has been and will continue to be, bringing the best experience we can to all members. While things have not rolled out exactly the way we would have liked, things are getting better and will continue to get better. To directly answer your question on “why we changed the forum”, this was a greater part of our new website overall, not an intentional change on the forum itself because we believed there was anything wrong with old system. While we could have stayed with the traditional phpBB format, we found after careful examination and consideration that this solution would provide much more flexibility to grow with our organization. For example, this new solution will integrate much better with the other new parts of the website that are on the way to being rolled out, such as our online engine and systems courses, event registration, parts marketplace and more.  As a standalone system, phpBB does what it needs to. However, every element of the old TTCF website, from membership payment and subscription management, to forum access and event booking, were completely independent from each other, which was prohibitive to scale and additional features. One of the goals of the project has been to unite those separate platforms into one, so the TTCF team can focus more of its time on the things like:

                        – Increasing the availability, frequency, and quality of posted maintenance and safety related information
                        – Indexing 30+ years of shared knowledge and making it available through search
                        – Answering maintenance and safety related questions from members as quickly as possible.


                        For the more technically savvy individuals here, the new forum is built on bbpress, and we did not build it from scratch which there seems to be some confusion about. This is the same forum solution deployed by, which has 409 million active users and 20 billion page hits per month. This means, that not only can this platform scale to match the features that had already been included with phpBB, it also allows TTCF to go beyond that and introduce more functions that will allow members to engage with each other like never before.

                        Bottom line – we are working to make this solution work as similarly to the old platform as possible, as fast as we can. With some of the rollout issues on the website as a whole, we were forced to draw back this forum solution to the MOST BASIC functions so that we could fix other issues. Now that we have worked through many of those issues, we are turning our attention back to adding back the many features you are used too. The reality is, there will be slight changes in the way that this forum works, where information lives, and how things operate but we believe that over time you will find that this solution is not only acceptable but provides a better overall experience when combined with many of our other new features.


                        In case you didn’t see our email about a release timeline, here is a bit of a projected timeline on when we believe things will be released:

                        Current Release Updates: (Today – February 9th)

                        Forum Functionality: You will notice that upgrades are currently being made to the forum layout and profile sections to better meet user needs.

                        Forum Post Migration: We are currently completing the migration of the remainder of posts from the last two months on the forum.

                        Website Speed: The speed of the website will continue to increase as page content is cached. Please note that ongoing backend updates and other feature additions may have an impact on performance in the short term.

                        Next Release Update: (Scheduled for February 15th)

                        Online Engine Seminar: Part 1 of the Engine and Systems Seminar will be available to Premium and Elite subscribers

                        Additional Forum Functionality: The ability for members to private message each other

                        Registration will also open for our Spring Convention

                         Release 3: (Scheduled for March 1st)

                        Parts Marketplace: Our parts marketplace will be online and members will be able to purchase curated parts directly from our website through your existing member profile. Discounts will be available for Premium and Elite members.

                        Release 4: (Scheduled for March 15th)

                        Online Systems Seminar: Part 2 of the Engine and Systems Seminar will be available to Premium and Elite members.


                        I know there is frustration with the current setup, and I apologize for that personally. But please know that we are still working hard to get everything back to as close to what you were used too as possible. If you would like to talk to me directly, you can call me personal cell phone at 419.979.6039 and I’d be happy to discuss your issues further.



                        Christian Pancake


                          This is February 12 and the Forum is slower then before.  I finally foundhete New Posts page, but it is slow, clunky and not very user friendly. It is a shame that it turned out this way.


                            Hi Christan,

                            As a tech professional I am begging you to roll back to the old version of the forum. There is no reason the main website needs to be tied to the forum experience. This format is really bad and like I mentioned earlier, look at the other successful aviation forums and you will see they look or work nothing like this one. I can almost guarantee participation will drop significantly if you leave this. Consider this a tough love post.


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                              I am not a tech professional… But I agree with all the negative posts and especially the above post. I am a member of this organization 80% for the forums… And I can’t say that I will renew next year if this continues.

                              Lance Flynn

                                This has definitely taken the forum in the wrong direction. Very slow, hard to navigate, hard to use. It should not be tied into the main website. This does need to be fixed quickly or forum will die completely.

                                Doug Deno

                                  Obviosly they dont care, this is ridiculous

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