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    I am flying to N Eleuthera next week and I don’t have a lot of experience outside of the US. Other than eapis and calling US customs an hour before coming back what do I need to know? Since there aren’t any instrument approaches how do you get through the weather to land when the ceilings are 1000ft? Does Miami bring you down to a VFR altitude and then you go in on a visual? A friend mentioned that Nassau has an approach that you can shoot and then fly VFR over to N Eleuthera, but I can’t find it. Does anyone know about this?


    North Eleuthera has an RNAV (GPS) 07 approach with a 640′ MDA. So you would just fly it like IFR like you do in the US, the charts are only available from Jepp.


    If you have a recent copy of the approach that you can email me I would greatly appreciate it. My email is


    Hi Sandy, I’ll email you what I have its probably over a year old but would work in a pinch.


    I fly to San Salvador Bahamas (ZSA) on a regular basis.

    Here are a few tips:

    -Eapis filed and email reply received required for both ways
    -Need to advise local Port of entry in the Bahamas of ETA at least one hr.
    prior to arrival.
    -MIA ATC will descend you to min vectoring altitude roughly 3000
    feet and either you continue visually to destination or you go to alternate….even though ZSA has an RNAV approach They can not provide you with an approach clearance. Nassau has multiple IFR approaches and shooting one and proceeding VFR is an option.
    -Bahamian customs/immigration paperwork can be filled out on site.
    -Inter Island permit required to fly inter island….not required
    if returning right back to the USA.
    -Bahamian departure tax must be paid $25/ person prior to leaving Bahamas
    -Very important to call US Customs and get agent ID initials confirming
    your reported ETA within at least one hour of departure but can be made
    up to 24hrs prior….
    -If flying IFR back to the US no need to get a transponder code obviously
    however you will need on if VFR prior to crossing ADIZ.
    -Recommend having appropriate survival gear. Lifejacket, life raft, EPIRB, Portable VHF….etc.


    Thanks for the help. Do I need to call N Eluethera customs before leaving FXE? Also, how do you file your flight plans for the Bahamas? Is IFR the way to go? I have the charts for the RNAV into Eluethera, does Nassau approach clear you for the approach or does Miami? Leaving in 2 days.
    Thanks Again.


    Yes you need to call N Eleuthera customs directly…

    I use and file an ICAO Flt plan….both ways….never any

    Always IFR.

    MIA ATC…..hence the fact they will bring you to min vector altitude. They ask you to
    advise when you have the airport/island visual. Unless wx is really bad there is almost always a “hole” to get ground contact to stay VFR… cancel and shoot the approach VFR….

    This how it works in the outer islands so should be the same.

    If you ever would like another place to visit we offer a discount
    to TCF members….



    Again Thanks to everyone. We arrive in N. Eluethera yesterday and the flight was easy. We filed IFR out of FXE and after one small vector we were off direct MYEH. Ultimately Miami handed me off to Nassau approach, whom I stayed with until canceling IFR and landing visual. I did not need it but MYEH has an rnav approach that is in my G530W’s data base. I did not have to call Bahamas customs ahead of time as they have an office on the field.
    BTW, I am staying on Harbour Island at the Coral Sands Resort. It is fabulous. Great rooms, wonderful food and very friendly people. Their super fine “PINK” sand beach ranks up there with any beach I have ever been to. I highly recommend this resort.

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