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    Our airport manager and I are working together putting on a free seminar for local businesses about the benefit of owning an aircraft to their business and quality of life. What we are wanting to do is get 1 or more partnerships set up. Presumably we would start with a single engine turboprop or piston twin and then see where it goes from there. What I am asking from all of you is to evaluate our points of emphasis and make your suggestions which would make aircraft ownership more interesting. Keep in mind these are mostly going to be non pilots who will need to hire a pilot. In addition to this if any of you have stories about how an aircraft has helped your business productivity I would like to hear those as well and I would like to use them in our presentation. You can post here or feel free to email me! Thanks for you help in advance.
    Here are the points we want to emphasize:
    1. Time Savings. No security just show up at the airport and board the aircraft. Depart and arrive on your schedule not the airlines. No layovers (yes occasional fuel stops). When you buy and aircraft you are buying additional time for your business and family. Available destinations makes a huge destination (In TN we have 5 commercial airports and 72 total airports).
    2. General Aviation Safety. The common argument here is that General Aviation is not safe. We want to show that GA is safe and the safety of flying a single engine turboprop.
    3. Cost involved in owning an aircraft. Most people seem to thing owning any aircraft is like owning a large corporate jet. We want to show that while it is not cheap with a partnership it is much more affordable than the average person thinks.
    4. Tax Benefits and Issues of Owning an Aircraft.
    5. Comfort and safety of flying in your own aircraft.
    If you have any suggestions for these or other points please don’t hesitate to post or email me!
    6. Business Productivity for owner and employees both.

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