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    Of course shortly after reading the posts on the lack of starter adapters I have an engine kick back and snap one. It happened this afternoon so I haven’t made any calls yet but if anyone knows where I can find one or has an extra one they would sell please let me know. I can’t really afford for the plane to be down for months and months while Continental tries to find a new supplier.

    Incredibly bad luck


    What part snapped?

    It might be possible to repair an existing one if it is just the spring that broke. Can you describe more what happened when it kicked back?



    Prety sure that it was just the spring. Can the be replaced easily? I thought the whole thing had to be replaced. ( I have been through this before )


    Generally you have to replace the whole thing, but they do rebuild them too – and I assume repair them. If it is spring only they should be able to fix it. What starter do you have?

    I would call aircraft specialty, tell them you are AOG, and ask them if they would do a spring only repair.
    That would cost ~ 250 to $400 bucks + labor.

    I asked about starters bc if you have a PM starter like the iskara it can put enough drag on the spring to snap it on kickback



    The plane has sky tec starters. I have had this problem before on the left engine, finally found that it was being caused by both mags firing on start rather than just the right one. It seems like the tiniest kick back and they snap instantly. This seems like a ridiculously weak link since in other airplanes I have flown backfires and kickbacks rant that uncommon. I have seen r985’s on beavers kick back and spin backwards for several revolutions before. Now every time I am about to hit the starter button I hold by breath and cross my fingers. Wish thre was a way to make it more robust.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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