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    I have a buyers agent client who I helped purchase an aircraft with dual 400 Nav/coms [circa 1975, digital face, no storage]. We sent them out to a company in Texas because one was inop and the other was marginal. The shop was able to get one of them working nicely but said they can’t fix the other one. The Nav/coms are the weak link in an otherwise excellent airplane and the plan is to soon upgrade the panel. But for now, we’d at least like to have both radios working for the interim. Does anybody have any leads on who we can contact that can repair these 400 radios?




    Hi Guy….
    I am in the beginning stages of my panel upgrade and am removing 2 Mac 1700’s. They are working perfectly and am going to sell them as soon as I can pick them up from the shop. I don’t know if they will work in place of the 400’s but if you can’t get yours fixed, mine will be cheap, probably 200 bucks apiece or so. That will include everything that I can, mounts cables and whatever else my tech tells me goes with them. If you or anyone here needs or wants them just let me know.


    Thanks to you both for the above posts. My owner client saw the ebay 400’s but was somewhat reluctant to act on those. As far as the MAC 1700’s, they would require a panel rework since they are in the King 170 configuration. But I will pass that information along.

    Thanks again,



    Found a shop – Roy Dawson Radio in Florida. He has been in this 50years and knows all about these radios. He says the RT-428A is an expensive radio to repair, but he can fix it. So I’m having it sent to him.

    Thanks, all.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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