Looking for a Ride – NC to OH 7/26-27. Osh bound?

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    I’m dropping off the 310 at 8A7 (just north of Charlotte) the weekend of July 26-27, picking up the following weekend. I need a ride back, and am wondering if anyone heading through that area would mind an extra soul on board. I’m glad to contribute to fuel. My home base is I67. If you’re going to/from Osh, it’s pretty close to on the way. Bob? Guy? 🙂

    Both strips are under 3000 ft and 8A7 has obstacles as an FYI. If anyone’s able to help out, please let me know. Would certainly beat driving home!


    Bump on this – I don’t have a ride set up either direction yet.


    Hey Ted,

    I would have been happy to help out but my bird just went in for an annual and it will be down for awhile. I wasn’t going to OSH so it was no big deal to me to be out of service for that duration.



    Thanks, Guy, I appreciate the thought. I figure worst case it’s $200 for a one-week rental car, which wouldn’t be bad at all, just much less fun (and slower) than flying. 🙂


    Ted I’m flying to KFFA on Thursday. My plans just got blown up this evening but I will be leaving/going back to KFFA on Saturday or Sunday. I haven’t heard from Robbie


    That would be awesome. I’ll send you a text for more details and I’ll bug Robbie.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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