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    Posted my initial query about moving to 340/421 here:


    I would LOVE to get a ride in one. I know I’m always looking for a mission πŸ™‚ if anyone is within 300 NM of KBUY (Burlington, NC), I could fly out in my SR22 and, of course, contribute appropriately (legally πŸ™‚ ) for expenses and contribute 100% for a lovely lunch!

    Having never experienced a Twin Cessna ride, I suspect it would help with my decision making process. I’ve already been in a malibu/mirage/meridian.

    Thanks so much!


    The Twin Cessna seminar is in Ohio mid May. If you make it there I for one would give you a ride in my 414 (just to spoil you for any other twin, LOL). I’m sure that others would extend the same offer. Taking some of the systems training before you buy may help you in your choice for the right plane.


    Probably a little far, but if you are in the Dallas area I’d be glad to offer you a ride!



    I’m in Atlanta at PDK. I would be glad to take you up in my 421.


    Hey Sandy…thanks so much…I’d say it’s unlikely to find anyone closer! Only 270 NM as the crow flies. And…thanks so much for the other offers!

    I will send you a PM or email and we can coordinate. What a great forum this is.


      Come take a vacation in Hawaii and you can fly mine all you want. Buy the airplane and we can fly the airplane back to your airport on the mainland. By the time we get there you should meet the insurance requirements to fly it by yourself.

      Good Luck



      If you`d like an excuse to visit Norfolk, Virginia Beach I`d be happy to take you up in my 1981 340. I`ve had it for 4 years and my family and I have been pleased with it. Plane is based at PVG. Glenn Carwell. 757 481 7788 plastic@ infionline.net.

    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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