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    Trying to figure out what an electrical box on my 340A might be. Co pilots side, foot well, outboard side panel. Non descript black metal box, approximately 6x8x1, 4 wire connectors and wire bundles enter/exit the top, 2 seem to be 64 pin connectors, one might be 25 pins, one might be a 10 wire connector and was connected to a grounding plate along the right hand sidewall. Top of the box has a chrome cap roughly the size of a valve stem cap, nothing attached. Wire bundles are numbered XXJ223, XXJ224, and XXJ226 (XX being individual wire numbers)

    I haven’t had any luck finding these bundles or connector groups on the wiring diagram, although they appear to be original to the airplane (1979). Several follow to the pilots side and join similar connectors which are disconnected. Additional wires continue from the pilots side connectors forward to the far outside forward pilots corner foot well area.

    No updated wiring is associated with or tied into any of these bundles.

    Any ideas?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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