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    Hello all, I’m new to TTCF. Thought I’d introduce myself.

    I do a decent amount of flying (500-600 hours per year the past three years). Most of the flying I do is with the non-profit organization I formed, Cloud Nine Rescue Flights. I also fly Part 135 in a Navajo and Turbine Commander.

    My background includes being an engineer who ran aircraft engines on test stands a great deal. I’ve done most of the things to these engines that one should never do (intentionally), including detonation testing, cold starting, general poor treatment.

    Cloud Nine has a Cessna 310N that my wife and I do all the maintenance decisions and flying of. Right now it’s a Colemill Executive 600 variant with the engines 400 hours past TBO. We’re working on what we want to do for the engines, and have several options we’re working out. Given the nature of what we use the plane for (long trips), more speed is what we want. The plane is nicely equipped with de-ice, KWX56, Aspen, 530W, GMA340, and GTX327. Other than the engines, most of the rest of the upgrades we have planned are avionics.

    Looking forward to participating in the forum!


    Hi, Ted!

    Sounds like a nice 310. I’ll be curious about your engine overhaul choices since mine are at about 1320 hrs. I’ll go as far as I can toward 1600… My exhaust systems are out for the 12-yr repetitive AD inspection, pipes to Knisely Welding and turbos/wastegates to Main Turbo… Everything looked good when we took it apart. Turbos and pipes had nearly 1800 hrs, so I’ll keep operating “Best Power” mixture 🙂

    You mention more speed … How much do you lose running LOP?

    KIPT, wow, the memories! My Dad got his ATR with the help of Maurice Taylor there. In the 50’s we’d fly the A/N approach to IPT, cancel and scud run the river to Lock Haven. I grew up in Lamar, on rt. 64. Dad learned to fly at LHV, did a couple of translants with Pug Piper. Fun times for a kid (me), and got me started in a successful aviation career 8)


    Hi Rich,

    We sure enjoy the plane – it’s an (almost) perfect fit for our missions. I enjoy improving planes – my engineering background and tinkering mindset means that I always have something up my sleeve. How those somethings manifest themselves is variable, though! 🙂

    Our engines have 2100 hours on them now, and I’m thinking will have at least 2200 by the time we do our overhauls. When we got the plane, the engines were at 1700 hours – which is TBO on the IO-520-Es that are part of the Colemill conversion in the plane. The previous owner, who was in a hurry, ran at 2500 RPM, FT. Fuel burn to keep the CHTs happy in that configuration averaged out to 35 GPH combined. Any leaner than that while ROP and he was changing cylinders like socks. I suspect that Colemill didn’t do much to improve cooling when they upgraded the engines. He trued out about 190 kts this way in the 5000-7000 MSL range, which is where he normally flew.

    We run at 2300 RPM LOP, and average 25 GPH combined in the 6-8000 MSL range, where we normally fly (although I’ve gotten it as low as 20 GPH combined at 13,000 MSL). This gives us 175 KTAS (168 @ 13,000). We figure we’ve saved about $40,000 on fuel total in the 400 hours we’ve had the plane. I could run at 2500 RPM, however that brings the EGTs higher than I want (we don’t have GAMIs installed, but will on the next engines). Of equal importance, though, is that the plane is rather loud at 2500 RPM, and I like quiet. If we run ROP at 2300 RPM, we gain only a few kts, and our fuel burn goes up to closer to 30 gph. A typical trip for us is Houston to MA and back to PA in one day. Yes, we want more speed!

    Small world that aviation is! People without a GPS will shoot the ILS into Williamsport and still skud run over to LHV. They have a few GPS approaches of their own these days, though. Williamsport also just got three new GPS approaches. The lowest approach now is an LPV to 30 (goes to 400 AGL, the ILS 27 is only to 500). This prompted us to get the WAAS upgrade on the 530, which now I wish I’d done sooner. We’re on an avionics kick. Doing it piecemeal, and enjoying the improvements.

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