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    I got to spend the day before fathers day getting current again in a multi engine airplane – yes, after close to 3 months my airplane is flyable again… Sortof.

    I did a full systems check, including getting her up to 17500 to test pressurization and heater, radar, avionics, and everything else. A couple of practice approaches and landing then over to a local airport to get some cheap self serve gas and I headed home.

    When I landed at Addison I had a nice landing and held the nose off for a while just because I could. I let the nose down gently and braked. Rumble, rumble, rumble. What the heck was that?! I released the brakes and the rumbling stopped, then started again as soon as I braked again.

    I managed to get her off the runway with lots of bumping and shaking and informed ground that I was shutting down on the taxiway due to a flat tire.

    Once I got out of the airplane it was obvious that the front tire was as flat as it could be and I wasn’t taxiing anywhere. Luckily, the Fbo right across from where I stopped had a tug that lifted the nose and got me clear. They were also nice enoug to put me back in my hangar so we can get it fixed on Monday morning.

    Glad it happened at my home field and not on the road!

    Good to have my airplane back – just about to start summer travel season.


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