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      I understand pictures are customary. These are ones I’ve saved from the listing. I go to pick it up Sunday!



      That is one pretty airplane!


      Congrats! Looks like a great plane. What is your background and intended mission?

      I have been to Tom’s before and really like the staff and the shop.



      Congratulations, looks like a really sweet 421C! Enjoy your new ride. 😀

      Steve Williams
      ’77 C-310R


      Very nice!
      Where’s your home base?





      VERY nice 421! Congratulations!



        Well I just got back from an attempted pick up of the plane. Unfortunately the autopilot would intermittently fail it’s self test on start up and troubleshooting ended up taking more than a few days so we went home. Fortunately everyone over at Tom’s was very helpful and hopefully I will be going back out soon to try again. The other good news is that the plane was everything I hoped it would be. It is every bit as nice as the pictures and appears to be extremely well cared for.

        To answer the couple of questions, home is KPWK. My mission is business flights to Philly, family vacations to Naples, and I like to travel and watch the Blackhawks and Wildcats a couple times a year each.


        That is a beautiful airplane! I hope that my search will turn up something that nice.



        Very nice looking aircraft. Hope you have many good years of service. Only place to go from here is a turbine.

      Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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