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    I have a T310R and my right engine starter turns but the prop hangs up on compression and sometimes turns so I’m assuming its the starter adapter, how do you remove it without taking the whole ENGINE OUT!!! Can anyone give me advice. Cheers! Wayne


      Wayne, you will probably have to lift the engine and shift it forward a few inches to get it to clear the long mounting studs and bolts. I removed the one from my 310G without a turbo, but I still had to unbolt the Lord mounts to get clearance. It is not an easy fix besides the $1000 to get the adaptor overhauled by Niagra.


      Might want to check your battery/batteries. Make sure they have a full charge.

      If they can’t start the other engine as well, it’s likely not the starter adapter.




      I had a starter adapter fail on a 414A, same symptoms with rotation hanging on compression strokes but could hear the motor turning. my LAME replaced the motor first to make sure it was the adapter as it is hard to remove and replace. Took around 4 hours with no breaks


      Just replaced the right adaper on my 340. The starter turning but not the prop is the classic symptom. An exchange adapter (next day turnaround) was 1100. Relatively easy access on the 340 though. Hate to hear about yours though, lots of things that I’d rather spend the money on.

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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