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    We have a Cessna 414A with a heated DC windscreen on the pilots side. The system works fine on the ground with both the high and low settings working well. It cycles on and off with the temp change, as it should. Everything checks out OK on the ground. At about 2500′ after takeoff, the system shuts down and will not restart until an hour or so after landing and shutdown. Flew unpressurized at 1000′ but it didn’t help.
    Any Ideas? I am worried about that $25,000 bill to replace it.


    I have the AC type windshield in my 414A and when it failed, I got a puff of smoke from some sort of resistor at the base of the windshield (attached). I had the windshield tested and they said it had an open circuit and had to be replaced. After some research, I found a guy to replace it for less than $20k. Painful, but he did a good job. Let me know if you want his info.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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