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    I have my plane getting the engine monitor installed (G4) and they have to remove the heat exchangers because they can’t get around them as there is not enough room to route without doing that.

    I just wanted to see if others had also run into this.. I know these planes are all different.

    I also assume there is no major concern in removing them and putting them back in?



      Kelly, I have installed one G4 and two sets of G3s in 340s and 414s and I have never had to remove the intercoolers if that is what you call heat exchangers. There is plenty of room to run the wires through existing holes in the firewall area and the wing root area. Explain just where they are trying to run the wires. The wires should be run either along the intake tubes or along the rocker covers and then through an existing hole in the inboard side area of the firewall that already has many wires going though the leading edge, thru the wing root and up the side panels to behind the cockpit. That is the easy part. Getting the gauge(s) mounted and connected is another set of issues unless you are completely redoing your panel. I estimate 45 to 50 hours to do one plane if you install all the sensors.


      Dick, thanks for the reply. This started out very crisp and concise but I’m wondering now about a few things and I’m just not experienced enough to know if something smells right which is why I’ve posted.

      I was just told that normally they can work around the exchangers (Little cooler looking things with control flap) but they said they could not get around them on my plane and would have to remove them.

      Just seemed like a large amount of work and I had never heard of anyone having to do that.

      I’m a bit concerned how far apart we have the plane if there are complications this far down the road, I was hoping everyone was very competent there and I had checked references as well, perhaps it’s just an anomaly I’m not sure..

      The gauge is getting put in with all new avionics so they panel is hanging out.

      Thanks for the feedback, I have posed this to the person in charge there and we will see.

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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