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    Can someone point me in the right direction finding the hardware that attaches the battery cover to the wing on a 1972 Cessna 310q? Not the internal cover but the physical outside panel that attaches on the top of the wing.


    I can’t speak specifically to your 310, but I just had to replace the fasteners on the battery cover on my C340A.

    It uses Dzuss fasteners — the quarter-turn fastener that has a single wire in the receptacle and a spiral slot in the stud to engage the wire. Aircraft Spruce has a full selection of Dzuss components. I got all my replacements from them.


      Most of the twin Cessnas used the same cover with countersunk Dzus fastners. They are held in with a soft aluminum ring that needs to be squished to hold the Dzus in place. They make a male and female setting tools to hold the Dzus while you squish it was a hammer. Your FBO may or may not have the setting tools. I make my own on a lathe. If you have a Part Manual, they will have the part numbers for the Dzus and soft ring.


      Ok I believe I have the part numbers now. Do I need to order the fasteners, grommets and the springs? or can I just order the fasteners?

      These are the part numbers I found. Can anyone confirm these are it before I order them from spruce aircraft?

      S3-200 DZUS SPRINGS
      S4-225 DZUS SPRINGS

      I need 6 of each I believe.


        if your 310 has the same cover as mine, it has 2 or 3 AJ-3 round head Dzus fasteners on teh up side of teh fillet and 6 FJ-4 flat head Dzus fasteners on the flat portion and one screw in teh fillet. If the springs are missing then buy them, but reuse the ones you have if not broken. You will need 6 GF4-150 ALUMINUM FULL Dzus GROMMETs and 2 or 3 GA3-200 DZUS GROMMETs. Stainless steel Dzus fasteners do not seem to be avafilable so get Cad plated ones. As mentioned before, you will have to make the grommet setting tools or buy them. As the aluminum grommets are very soft aluminum, they are easy to set with a simple tool drilled the size of the Dzus with some relief around the hole to take the upset aluminum as it is formed when driving on the Dzus head. The grommet aluminum squeezes into a small relief circle on the Dzus to hold the DZUS in the cover.

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