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    Does anyone have experience with the GMX200 with regard to Jeppview? After review the 337’s of a 340a I just purchased, it appears in the 337 that the GMX200 also was installed with the applicable equipment to support Jeppview. I would sure love some input on how to make this work. I have ordered the subscription from Jeppesen, and anticipate it will arrive in the next day or so with the usual vagueness usually supplied by Jepp. Any insight or hints will be greatly appreciated. ❓


    I can give some insight on JeppView on a G1000 which should be similar.
    – you need to unlock JeppView function; around $3000 on G1000
    – it will bring up your plate and show were you are on it, this is the big difference between JeppView and ChartView. ChartView only shows plate and does not impose your location on it
    – It has mixed reviews on a G1000 platform as pilots don’t like losing there big moving map or toggling between; this may be a benefit of the MX200 platform

    Let us know how you like it!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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