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    It would be nice to have a GENERAL SECTION in the Opening section so we can post things like the following:

    Why the controllers just don’t tell you: ‘hold short runway X’ instead of: ‘hold short runway X, there is a Boeing 737 on short final, after that I will call you for take off…’? It happened to me at San Antonio and I only understood ‘… take off’, so I thought I was cleared for take off, and you can imagine what happened next.

    Why is the goal to have airplane interiors like luxury cars? It should be the other way. Airplanes are much more expensive, complex and esthetic machines than luxury cars. By far.

    Why everytime I use eAPIS I finish with a feeling that I made something bad or wrong? Did I clicked right?

    Where can I find cloud tops information for my route?

    Why people think that turbine engines are safer than pistons? How many single turbines airplanes compared with single pistons exists? Have you seen a naked turbine engine? It is very, very complex. They say it has less moving parts. Just count the blades. I have seen a lot of grounded turbine airplanes because of engine problems.

    Why, 6 years ago, I bought a new Saratoga instead of one or two Twin Cessnas like the one I have now?

    Why we can not agree on which is the right oil brand and type for our airplanes?

    Why people insist on combine lots of colors on airplane interiors? They look bad.

    And there are more and more subjects we can write on a GENERAL SECTION.

    1978 340A


    I would not disagree this board is preposterously underutilized.

      quote RENRIQUEZ:

      It would be nice to have a GENERAL SECTION

      1978 340A

      Rodolfo, we now have a General Section. See the Board index.

      As for Forum participation, I agree its too low. Let me know your ideas for boosting it. What do you think about having a member “Moderator” for each section whose job is to periodically post useful or interesting information for people to react to? Other ideas?


      Thank you Bob.
      You made me feel important.
      The idea of the “Moderator” is great.
      Does anybody have the answers to my past questions in this topic? 😕

      1978 C340 RAM VII

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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