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    I had a new toy installed a couple of months ago, and got to use it to it’s fullest when the Bush Pilots Internantional association had a pancake breakfast at uncontrolled Pegasus Airpark (5.7 NM south of Williams Gateway airport). The GDL-88 combines ADS-B traffic from other airplanes, from ground station uplinks, and from my active traffic sky-watch system into one data stream that displays on the GTN-750, and also provides aural and visual warnings. I.e. it solves the problem of not being able to display more that one traffic source. The vectors on the GTN-750 display depict where the traffic will be in 5 minutes (configurable, I think the 650 was set to 2 minutes) RELATIVE to my airplane (there is a soft-option to also have traffic vectors displayed relative to ground). Selecting between the display of traffic vectors relative to my airplane or the ground makes a HUGE difference in the scale and direction of traffic vectors – the traffic picture changes completely.

    I thought the picture of (uncontrolled) traffic coming into and around Pegasus airpark was interesting enough to share – the experience of flying into an uncontrolled field with so many planes around was for sure interesting 🙂 The GDL-88 made it a lot easier to be aware of other airplanes. Besides traffic, the GDL-88 also provides free ADS-B weather, somewhat similar to XM weather. One of my better upgrades for sure!
    Note that one picture is at 6NM, the other at 12NM range.

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