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    Last fall, Bob posted a 310 for sale by a former member’s son. The former member had passed away in 2005, and his son was now selling the plane. It hadn’t flown in 5 years. Two friends of mine who are A&Ps bought it, brought it back to flying state, and I’m now selling the plane for them.

    Basic stats (numbers approximate and will go up):
    TTAF: 7250
    LE: 1520 SMOH
    RE: 20 SMOH
    Props: Both 0 SMOH. Freshly overhauled last month
    Avionics: 530, KX155
    Other: Alternator upgrade, getting fresh carpets
    Annual signed off 3/2014
    P&I: 4

    I performed the ferry flight on which I had to shut down an engine due to an oil leak. This was due to a fuel pump seal. The plane flies very well on one engine! And it flies very well on two. The carbureted engines start beautifully every time, and there is something about those engines with the over-wing exhaust that just sounds powerful. The early 310s are lighter weight, and it shows when compared to my Colemill 310N.

    For someone looking at a classic tuna tank plane that’s reasonably priced and is good for time building or full restoration, this is a good option. The annual was extensive and replaced a lot of parts. The plane will come with a fresh dynamic prop balance. It flies easily and sporty. On the ferry flight, I was getting about 172 KTAS on 25 GPH. I however we haven’t calculated numbers post-annual, which have likely improved a bit.

    Asking price is $35k, pictures coming soon. Anyone who’s interested, feel free to call me at 812-243-2585 or send me an eMail/PM. I’m glad to ferry it to its new home for fuel and my return plane ticket, and provide transition training negotiable with the deal.


    Pictures! 🙂

    The left tank is going to be painted, just hasn’t been yet.


    Stats from the recent trip:

    11.5 hours flown
    23 GPH
    173 KTAS


      Love those tuna tank birds and the price is right.


      “Act now and this beautiful airplane can be yours!” 😉

      I think the avionics are the real positive on this plane. It’s hard to find a tuna tank 310 with a 530 and Stec.


      What a great looking opportunity – I’d love to be in place to do it, need to sell my 150 first however! Thanks for posting the pics Ted.


      This plane is still for sale. We’re at “Best Offer” price asking.


      Where is the plane located?


      It’s located at I73 – Moraine Air Park, between Dayton and Cincinnati.


        Any takers on your ’55 C310 yet?


        Nope… considering all offers.

        It’s hard to believe how dead the market is for these planes.


          I’ve been pointing out to a good friend how much more airplane a $35,000 C310 is than the $70,000 Cherokee 235 he’s currently flying.

          The only plausible explanation is a lot of people have been drinking the “twins are expensive/dangerous” cool aide.

          Best wishes in selling the ’55.


          quote TDUPUIS:

          Nope… considering all offers.

          It’s hard to believe how dead the market is for these planes.


          I know this won’t help much but a significant part of my business is aircraft sales and it’s been quite slow even for the planes that last year I could have sold all I could get.


        Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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