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    My wife and I are considering sim training as we are new owners of a Cessna 310F.

    We were both prior military pilots (she flew T-39 Sabrliners and C-12 Beech King Air 200, and I flew c-130s). We’re also both airline pilots with Delta and FedEx respectively, together we have about 25,000 flight hours. We were both instructors and check airmen in our respective aircraft.

    Still, she is pushing for sim training and I think I’m beginning to agree after reading about some of the Twin Cessna accident on this website. We live in Tampa so we’re leaning toward Simcom in Orlando.

    Any feedback would be sincerely appreciated.


    Butch Gilbert


    I did my 421 initial at MCO about a year ago. The sim is a 421 FTD. Switches and annunciators will be different, as well as power settings, but it should prove useful for getting your flows and single engine procedures down. It is still a twin Cessna. Just remember, no V1. :mrgreen:

    I still find myself calling gear down to the other guy, even though the switch is damn near touching my right knee. 😕 But, other than takeoff, initial climb engine out procedures and keeping the airplane as clean as safely possible (ie: no full flaps at one dot low), I have found most of my career experience (bizjets) applies very well. Approach every flight professionally, just like you do at work.

    Btw, if you are both able to go at the same time, the price is reduced for each pilot and you end up getting more sim time, counting right seat.


    Hi…i just recently finished recurrent @ Simcom,AZ for my 340….Ray my instructor was fabulouse,the traing was exactly what I needed to get back onto top form…it’s a must.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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