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    Thanks to fellow 421 owner Dan Herr and his article covering single engine ops and prop feathering, we were compelled to do the test on the ground today. We warmed the engine up so all temps were in the green, then adjusted the RPM’s to ~1100, props to feather and mixture to idle cut off. Both props behaved as ‘advertised’ . They feathered within seconds.
    We then used my pilot friends custom paddle to move the props out of feather. He is an amazing wood worker. He even branded our tail # on the paddle 😀
    The paddle is awesome. He came by the plane a few times with a cardboard cut out and the final product is tight as a glove…no play or wiggle. If anyone wants one, let me know. He has nothing but time on his hands.
    The pics are from my iPhone. Click on the image to get a level view.



    I do like the look with both props feathered – makes me feel like a 425.

    Glad your props work as they should.

    Beautiful paddle. You should put an ad in TCF and market those.


    According to my friend who made the paddles, they can be used for many other things when not attached to a prop. Smart marketing 😆


    I could use one for my plane…and two for my kids!


    Where can I read Dan’s article? On the TTCF magazine?



    Here it is.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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